Masayoshi Son is a Japanese billionaire businessman who is the founder of mobile telecom📶 and investment firm💰 SoftBank.

He founded SoftBank in 1981 and has continued to serve as its chairman & CEO👨‍💼 since then.

Son is globally admired👌 for his uncanny business sense and resilience.

’Tech is his forte’

Son was an early investor in internet firms💻.

He bought a stake in Yahoo in 1995.

He then invested $20 million in Alibaba in 1999.

He has a liking for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics🤖 and the internet of things.

He has invested in some of the biggest companies🏢 such as Uber, WeWork, Slack etc. through his $100 billion Vision Fund.

Softbank invests about $50 billion a year in startups🌱 and currently owns stakes in more than 1,000 companies.

In 2018, the company had revenues of $82 billion.

Astonishing Comeback

In 2000, Son received a major bolt😩 when he lost approximately $70 billion during the dot com crash📉.

It was the biggest amount that any investor has ever lost in history😳.

But Son bounced back✊ within a few years to re-establish his business by making some strategic acquisitions.

Currently, he has a net worth of more than $19 billion😎 which makes him the 2nd richest person in Japan.

A generous philanthropist

Son is known for donating towards various charitable causes😇.

In 2011, he announced a donation of $120 million of his personal wealth plus his salary until his retirement to help Japanese tsunami🌊 victims.