One of the characteristics of all mammals is having hair.💇‍♀ Most of the chemical makeup of hair is a protein called keratin.

The location under the skin that allows a hair or strands of hair👩🏼 to grow is called a follicle. It is found in the skin layer called the dermis.

The only “living” part of a hair is found in the follicle as it grows. The hair strand above the skin has no activity and so is considered “dead”.☠

Fun Facts

👉 The eyelash protects the eye👀 area from dust, dirt and any other possible harmful objects.

👉 Human facial hair grows faster than any of the other types of body hair.

👉 An average person loses from fifty to one hundred strands of hair per day, directly from the scalp.

👉 A human hair has an average lifespan from two to seven years.

👉 Humans can grow hair everywhere except a few places: lips, palms of the hands, soles of the feet.

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