Housefly has been Human Being’s companion for ages. They go wherever humans go, but that doesn’t mean we share a good relation. Rather Houseflies and Mosquitoes have been responsible for more deaths than Wars, Floods, and Earthquakes.😱
Housefly is mostly found over the garbage but you must have seen it casually wandering in your lawn also. This small insect looks quite harmless but is responsible for spreading so many diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc.🙄
Most flying insects have four wings, but flies have two. They can fly up and down, side to side and even backward. Flies have hairy, sticky feet and can stick to almost any surface. They can even walk across the ceiling.😮
Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to swat a fly? Well, it’s all in their eyes.👀 They can even look behind their backs which helps them see the threat and respond immediately.
Some disgusting facts about house flies
👉 They only feed on liquids because they don’t have teeth. So, they turn solid food into liquid by spitting or vomiting on it, so that they can eat it. Disgusting!!!😖
👉 Nearly every time a housefly lands, it defecates (it takes a poop). Keep that in mind next time you see a house fly wandering around your food.😐
👉 House flies have a lifetime of only 30 to 50 days.
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