Life would have been so much fun🥳 if we had a say in deciding our school hours. Guess we’ll have to be born in Switzerland to do that.😜

Switzerland is the only country to practice direct democracy i.e. everything is decided by people voting directly. They even vote on things from banning smoking🚭 in restaurants, or school hours, to renovating the museum or changing a local bus route.

Think of the most famous luxury watches⌚ brands. Rolex, Omega, Tissot. Guess who makes these watches? The Swiss are known for their farms, dairies, and clock making skills.

Swiss banks are infamous across the world🌍 for being a very trusted destination for the corrupt to deposit their black money.

The Alps, the tallest mountains in Europe, run through southern Switzerland. These mountains🏔 have protected Switzerland from invasion, but also kept it isolated and for over 190 years. Switzerland has been a neutral country during wartimes.

Fun Facts

👉 The official name of Switzerland is ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’ in Latin. That’s why cars in Switzerland carry “CH” sticker and not “S”.😮

👉 Switzerland has 4 official languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansch.

👉 There are more than 1500 lakes in Switzerland containing around 6% of Europe’s fresh water stocks.😱

👉 Yash Chopra, The Indian filmmaker is widely recognized for his role in popularising Switzerland as a scenic tourist destination. For this, Switzerland has a statue, lake, and train🚃 named after Yash Chopra.

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