When someone mentions the name Julius Caesar, it triggers an image of Rome’s greatest leader in history. Gaius Julius Caesar was born in 100 B.C., and this marked the beginning of a new era in Roman society.

The greatness of Caesar is indicated by the fact that all bNot just that, some other empires also gave their rulers the titles derived from the name Caesar such as `Czars’ of Russia and ‘Kaisers’ of Germany. How cool!!!

It is this sudden rise to fame which led Julius Caesar to his death. Some people in Rome felt that Caesar was too powerful. So, they plotted to kill him. He was stabbed 23 times.

The last person to stab him was one of his close friends, Brutus. Last words of Julius Caesar were, “Et Tu Brute” meaning ‘You too, Brutus.’ Such a tragic way to die!

Interesting Facts

👉 He was the first person to have his own face printed on a Roman coin.

👉 The calendar that we use today was devised by him. According to his calendar, a year consists of 365 days with an extra day in every fourth February (leap year).

👉 Caesar was once kidnapped by pirates while still a young man. He joked with them that he would have them executed once he was free. They laughed, but Caesar had the last laugh when he later captured them and had them killed.

👉 Play on Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous plays of all time.

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