Diana Spencer was born in 1961 in England.

As her family had been close to the British Royal family, she got to marry👰 the heir to the British throne👑, Prince Charles in 1981.

Nearly one billion people across the world🌎 watched her wedding on TV, in what was considered as the ‘wedding of the century👍.’

Post-wedding, Diana began to be called Diana, Princess of Wales.

The couple had two sons🧒 William and Harry.

Her socially activism

Diana used her influence and popularity in contributing to the global efforts to help the underprivileged children, the AIDS victims😇 and campaigned against the use of landmines.

Got too much to handle

Over time, Diana felt overwhelmed😒 by her royal duties and the intense media coverage🧐 of her life.

She and Charles began to have martial disputes🗣 with and the couple eventually divorced😠 in 1996.

A new relation

After her divorce, Diana began dating💑 Egyptian film producer and socialite, Dodi Fayed.

Their affair was widely covered in the tabloids📃.

A Tragic End

On the early morning of Aug. 31 1997🗓, when Diana and Dodi set off from a Paris hotel, paparazzi on motorcycles🏍 began aggressively following their car.

In a bid to get away from them, the car’s driver lost control and crashed💥 into a pillar in a road tunnel.

While he and Fayed died at the scene, Diana succumbed to her injuries at a hospital🏥.

A global shockwave

Diana’s sudden death caused a substantial outpouring of worldwide grief😢.

Thousands of mourners lined along the streets to witness her funeral procession.

Her funeral was watched by over 2 billion people on TV📺.

Though the media blamed the paparazzi📸 for this tragedy, investigations revealed the exact reason to be the car’s driver being under the influence of alcohol🍷 and prescription drugs.