👉Manvita (Std 3): Cleanliness is next to dogliness

👉Ishani (Std 3): Swatch Bharat Abhiyan – We people are not following the dog wants to set an example

👉Skanda S Kashyap (Std 2) : Swacch Bharat Sevak

👉Jash Rength Jr (Std KG) : Good Manners

👉L. Leema Daphane (Std 2): Funny rolly polly doggy

👉Veer (Std 1): Clean one’s own s*$t

👉Tishay (Std 3) : Oh! Cleaning your S*$t

👉Bhvya (Std 8): Even dogs care about cleanliness……. But we humans ……….. DON’T

👉Prisha (Std 6): Dogs are intelligent than us, They worry about cleanliness and our future!!!!!!!!

👉Hiten (Std 7): PIY: Pick It Yourself

👉Harsimar Singh (Std 2): In swachh bharat abhiyan dogs are also aware and helping then why we people not…………

👉Rhea Jetley (Std 7): Swach bharat abhyan koi ise sekhe !!!BRAVO Take him as an inspiration

👉Akshat (Std 7): Swatchh Bharat mera bhi mission, I don’t have a toilet still I have feel it as my duty no matter what, Swatchh Bharat mera bhi mission

👉Saanvi Srivastava (Std 4): Dog – Seems like we are the only ones who have signed up for the SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN. Isn’t it?

👉Arav gupta (Std 6): If a dog cares about our environment then why cant we . Save environment! Save yourself!

👉Atharv Mittal (Std 4): Dogs are not less than humans.”mera mission,sabka mission”.

👉Nieve (Std 7): Dogs are doing great work cleaning because it causes pollution because we don’t clean these things on the road brilliant dogs

👉Ayush Raturi (Std 7): Cleanliness drive by a dog . We should learn from him

👉MANEET SINGH (Std 5): Cleanliness everyone’s concern

👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Even Dogs involved in Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan!!!!

👉Shubhasmi Niranjan Mudholkar (Std 5): Animals too understand that we need a clean earth .Then why don’t we?

👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Cleanliness is next to Godliness

👉Jasna (Std 5): Mr Well Groomed

👉Jason (Std 1): Earth cleaners

👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5): Mission dogies cleaning their poops abhiyan!!!

👉Mohit mundra (Std 4): The dog on a cleaning mission, Clean your own mess, If dogs can clean why not us

👉Sanvi Sharma (Std 4): This shows how intelligent dogs are and we .ufff!can’t even imagine

👉Sanvi Sharma (Std 4) : Dogs are also a a part of swacch bharat abhiyan!!!

👉Shyla Seth (Std 7): People lacking animals doing

👉Akshaj Bharti (Std 1): Exemplary deed by dog to jolt humans

👉Raavi Mann (Std 2): Cleaners on a holiday Dogs on work

👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): We should atleast learn from them

👉Rudra Narayan Sahoo (Std 3): Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. dog saving the world

👉Saanvi (Std 6): Dogs tell humans about the importance of cleanliness.
So we should take a pledge for a clean India . Green India.

👉Samyan Arora (Std 7): Dog Kingdom

👉Yashvi (Std 2): Everyone is part of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

👉Shabad Preet Kaur (Std 1): Dog teaching Practical lesson on CLEANLINESS to humans

👉Harshita Sharma (Std 5): Let’s participate in SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN!

👉Harnidh (Std 6): Swach Bharat abhiyan

👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Even Dogs also care about cleanliness And what about us

👉Arshia (Std 1): Cleanliness – The first law of health

👉Aahana Mittal (Std 2): Oh! dogs are worried about cleanliness.

👉Amaira (Std 2): Clean India,Green India

👉Japkirat Singh (Std 6): Hey human!!!!wake up!wakeup!, See animals, Have learnt… What you Couldn’t

👉Kanan Chawla (Std 8): Cleanliness, a need of the world which has been fulfilled by dogs but not by humans.

👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Dogs are also getting scared of Narendra Modi

👉Shivansh Goel (Std 6): Dog following swachhta bharat abhiyaan

👉Diya (Std 5): A LESSON for humans

👉Mithilesh Katyal (Std 6): Doggy time to pick your poop

👉Aadya Mehta (Std 1): Animals (DOGS) are more intelligent than human beings…..is’nt …..?

👉Daksh Malhotra (Std 2): The respect of humans seeing this is declined. The concequances of today are worse than it was 50 – 60 years back. This dog is cleaning the area in order to make his surrounds clean and tidy.Proud if you bro.

👉Adityashankar (Std 1): Hi.. Cleaner Dog…

👉Kirti Khanna (Std 6): Swach bharat  – A start by animals….🐶🐶🐶

👉Adhiraj Singh Bagga (Std 6): Trained dog. Knows how to do cleaning. Helping cleaners. Public helper

👉Krithya (Std 5) : Animals also clean the place before sitting down, but we humans do not do the same

👉Vridhi (Std 3): We r with u…. Let’s make beautiful earth

👉 Shivam Makheeja (Std 3): Dog also following Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan

👉Sachreet (Std 6): Everyone trys to keep their environment clean

👉Rudransh gupta (Std 5) : dog who is cleaning it’s dung. Humans does not clean anyone’s dung

👉Arnav Mali (Std 3): As dog do the work for clean the street, then we are as human beings always try to keep the universe clean.
We make dream for CLEAN INDIA GREEN INDIA🇮🇳