Whenever we see something small, the first reaction that comes to us is “How cute!!!”. The feeling that something is cute is hard to explain in words, especially from a scientific point of view. But one thing is for sure that humans are obsessed with tiny things.

Don’t believe us? Then how do you think doll houses were invented? There was some genius who wanted to create small little houses for inanimate objects.


Why not?

They’re so cute after all.

Cute Doll House for kids

But how far can one go to turn his obsession into reality? This far that they have turned the tables.

While much of the most famous works of art catch our attention due to their grandiosity, there are some artists who are here to paint a different picture – one that may require a microscope to see.


Camels in desert in the eye of the needle


Art tinier that a matchstick


Artist using micrscope to create art


The artists create art that is so tiny that it can fit in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. To get precision, the artists create their own tools. From a fly’s hair to the artist’s own eyelashes – a paintbrush can be created from anything.


Tools used by Artists


Not just the tools but the art also takes a lot of effort to be built. In order to achieve precision, artists work during night when the world is at its quietest. Sometimes the artists enter into a meditative state to gain control over their heartbeat so that they can maintain a steady hand.


Awesome art created by artists


Fun Facts

One of the artists accidentally inhaled his own artwork. The work he inhaled was Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, but apparently, she was even better when remade.


Alice in the eye of the needle


“Trust”, a nano sculpture of the female figure, is the smallest creation of the human form ever made. Even a strand of hair is thicker than this.


Smallest Creation of the human form – Trust